Michael Jackson trying to block auction of kid touching paraphernalia

Posted May 18th, 2007 by eric

Michael Jackson still must have some cashed stashed away in his Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox because he has sicked his lawyers on Richard Altmore, who acquired 20,000 embarrassing items of Jackson’s, including nude portaits of little boys, skin whitening cream, and sex aides, as part of a bankruptcy case last year. Turns out Jackson’s frantic action against Altmore is blowing up in his face, as Altmore claims the fact that Jackson is making such a big deal out of it will only fuel public interest. Who the ass would buy this stuff, though? Do you want Michael Jackson’s used “sex aides?” I cannot imagine what that even means. Apple juice, latex gloves, and a squirt guin? (via Rollingstone)

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