Radiohead struggles with technology as new album demand exceeds expectations

Posted October 2nd, 2007 by eric

With all the excitement and confusion surrounding the impending Radiohead album, many fans have experienced technical glitches at the band’s website, just trying to order the damn thing. Guitarist Johnny Greenwood released a statement on the official Radiohead site, owning up to the less than smooth transactions:

“Just to let you know…w.a.s.t.e are working on the current gear- grinding at…it’s getting busy in there – busier than they expected. So, if you please bear with us, it should get cleared out soon. I sound like a bouncer. Get behind the rope. No denim. Thanks for your patience with the site + interest in the record.”

The new album is available for purchase in two formats thus far. In an unprecedented move for a band of this stature, the downloadable version allows the buyer to set the price. So, if you want to “steal” In Rainbows, all you have to do is enter a few zeros in for the total. That’ll teach ’em. For the diehards, there is a deluxe box set priced at 40 GBP, which contains “two discs of music, two 12″ heavyweight vinyl records, and associated artwork and photographs in a hardback ‘discbox.'”

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