Amy Winehouse not just another celebrity train wreck?

Posted February 13th, 2008 by eric

Slate’s Jody Rosen attempts to argue that Amy Winehouse isn’t just another celebrity train wreck, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Yes, Winehouse got her shit together long enough to eke out a via satellite Grammy performance on Sunday, but whether that good behavior sustains is far from conclusive. I mean, she was just filmed smoking crack a matter of days ago, and one week of rehab ain’t gonna stop that level of crazy. Her singing Sunday night was actually quite good, though. She didn’t have that vacant, glassy stare that she normally employs during performances, which was a good sign she might have actually been clean. And she sang with authority and confidence, avoiding any self-deprecation in reference to the elephant in the room as she uttered un-ironic triplets of “no’s” about being made to go to rehab. And, God knows, when Keith Richards says it’s time to get it together, you know you’re a mess. Best of luck pulling it off and everything, but something tells me there’s more trouble to come. 

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