Interpol “Rest My Chemistry” video

Posted May 18th, 2008 by eric

A tech-savvy Interpol fan created this unofficial-now-official video for Interpol’s “Rest My Chemistry” off the band’s third record, Our Love to Admire. Bewilderingly described in its own press as “a bit like a screen saver”, Blip Boutique’s programmed data mapping wasn’t exactly intended for formal broadcast, but the band got wind of it and endorsed it, which certainly doesn’t hurt. Here’s a clip of an interview with the director, explaining the idea behind the story:

“The story we wanted to tell came from the idea of body chemistry, as the song addresses sort of what one does to ones body and stepping away from that for a spell. So since we knew we wanted to do something with mapping data, we started thinking about body systems, and how we could expound on the idea of systems from the smallest to the largest scales. Therefore we decided to have the imagery reflect systems of particles within cells to cellular growth and multiplication to overall body systems, to city grids, to global mapping to solar systems, and back down again.”

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