Download Love & Rockets’ Lollapalooza set

Posted August 11th, 2008 by eric

With Bauhaus’ unceremonious and uncomfortable announcement that there would be no touring or promotion for its final album, Go Away White, the re-emergence of Love & Rockets is somewhat anti-climactic. Not that the two bands have much in common besides 3/4’s of a line-up, but, still, my surprising excitement for the new Bauhaus record isn’t reciprocated by a Love & Rockets reunion. Master Murphy recently toured the new Bauhaus material off on his own, but I’m so intrigued as to why the there was such an abrupt and permanent end to the brief smatterings of Bauhaus activity these last ten years. Oh, Peter, what was the final straw?

Anyway, Love & Rockets played Lollapolooza recently with a set comprised solely of vintage material. You can download the entire set here. [via brooklynvegan]

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