Peter Hook discusses Joy Division’s enduring legacy

Posted February 25th, 2009 by eric

Part 3 of Filter’s interview with Peter Hook focuses on Joy Division’s enduring legacy. Hook seems remarkably grounded, especially considering his former band’s utter ubiquity as of late. I suppose he’s had 30 years to reconcile that whole experience, which must seem surreal now that’s it’s been immortalized on film.

Hook on how Ian Curtis’ death informed his life:

“I think I’ve been incredibly lucky to still be making music. Those songs that we wrote in 1978 and lasting as long as they have and still give you the ability to do what you do.  It’s a testament to the chemistry of Joy Division and New Order. It is amazing to pull it off in Joy Division, but being able to pull it together again in New Order is amazing.  We have the credit crunch very bad in England, and we’re hearing about people becoming unemployed. The best thing about being a musician is that no one can fire you. People will always listen to you, maybe not as much as in 1985, but you don’t lose your job. I’m a very lucky boy.”

[via Daily Swarm]

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