Mark Ronson called in to save Amy Winehouse album

Posted March 27th, 2009 by eric

Even though he’s busy in the studio helping Duran Duran clear the memory banks of its ill-fated Timbaland-produced album, Red Carpet Massacre, Mark Ronson has been summoned by Island Records executives to save Amy Winehouse from death by reggae. Evidently, upon hearing Ms. Winehouse’s demos for her follow-up to the monstrously successful Back to Black, Island’s upper echelon honchos became worried that career-suicide might be at hand. And since Ronson had been so heavily involved in her breakout success, Island went back to the well for some help. Ronson has agreed to spruce up a handful of tunes, despite a falling out the pair had last year over a failed attempt to write a James Bond theme. Seems Winehouse has cleaned up enough for Ronson’s standards. It is true that Winehouse has given less fodder for tabloid exploitation in recent months. And shots of her vacationing certainly speak to a slightly improved bill of health. So, I think we’ll just assume everything’s going to turn out just fine. Probably a safe bet.

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