Chuck is to Pete Doherty as Blair is to Kelly Clarkson as Jenny is to Courtney Love?

Posted May 6th, 2009 by eric

Gossip Girl’s
Taylor Momsen, the sixteen year-old actress who plays Jenny Humphrey on the teen soap, fronts a band called Pretty Reckless. Of course, she does. This is the third cast member to parlay tween fame into a burgeoning music career. Ed Westwick has his Pete Doherty homage and Leighton Meester has been testing the waters for potential pop domination. Momsen certainly looks the part for the leader of a brash, punk(ish) outfit what with that raccoon eye makeup and the babydoll straw hair. All she needs is a few bruises on her legs and she’s a dead ringer for Courtney Love, except she can sing in tune. [via Idolator]

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