STREAM: Sex Pistols “Belson Was A Gas”

Posted September 13th, 2012 by eric

The long-lost demo of Sex Pistols’ “Belson Was A Gas” was recently discovered during a record label transition. The controversial song has been released in various live and alternate versions over the years, but the demo version with Johnny Rotten on vocals has been much sought after and long-since written off. With its sarcastic Holocaust lyrical theme (allegedly written by Sid Vicious), the band was simply trying to offend the powers that be, using as sensitive a topic as it could muster at the time, since taking the piss out of the Queen was old news by then. You can barely hear the vocals in this mix, so I’m not sure anyone could claim offense at this point. It features the stellar musicianship of one Sid Vicious on bass. The track will be tacked onto the Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols super-deluxe boxset due for release on September 24th via Universal Music UK.

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