You Won’t Have INXS to Laugh at Anymore

Posted November 13th, 2012 by eric

INXS confirms split in official statement. Hahaha. What? INXS was still a thing? Surely, no. It’s not exactly cynical to say that this should have happened 15 years ago when lead singer Michael Hutchence hanged himself on the back of a hotel door, but carrying on the way the leftover five did has just been excruciating to witness. And letting fans know while opening for Matchbox 20 of all things? Makes me nauseated just thinking about it. SO, lesson learned: Hiring game show contestants to replace your iconic lead singer is ILL-ADVISED. But INXS soldiered on and endured the worst case “running it into the ground” in music history. I can’t think of another band that tried so desperately to keep at it with absolutely no hope of survival. Even The Beach Boys’ shameless incarnations over the years don’t seem as crass. Finally, Michael Hutchence can stop trying to Uma Thurman his way out of his coffin and get some rest.

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