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Alex Turner’s Mic-dropping Brit Awards Speech

February 23rd, 2014

Arctic Monkeys racked up again at the Brit Awards this year, taking home Best British Group for the fourth time and its well-deserved third Best British Album for AM. Lead singer Alex Turner used the occasion to drop an irony-laced speech that was a winking piss-take on the “state” of rock ‘n roll. Reactions have […]

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Prince is Crazy, Contradicts Himself, Previews New 3rdEyeGirl Song

January 28th, 2014

To paraphrase Walt Whitman: Does Prince contradict himself? Very well, then. He is large, and he contains multitudes. Earlier today, The New York Times reported that two weeks ago Prince Rogers Nelson filed a lawsuit — well, his lawyers did on his behalf, anyway — against 22 bootleggers who allegedly posted unauthorized recordings of his […]

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Fiona Apple Tosses Heckler, Plays New Song

October 7th, 2013

Come on, people. You know Fiona Apple is very sensitive. She does not have thick enough skin for heckling, especially when it’s about her appearance. I have to admit I thought something was amiss when I saw her last September. She looked way too gaunt, but I know better than to yell my thoughts at […]

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Dave Grohl Publicist “Won’t deny” Nirvana Reunion with Paul McCartney on Vocals

December 12th, 2012

Photo swiped from Stereogum because it is awesome. Also, the file name is “Macvana.” I’m not sure what to make of the news that “Nirvana” will reunite tonight with Paul McCartney for the Hurricane Sandy Benefit. Are Dave Grohl and Kist Novaselic just taking the piss for hype’s sake? Or is Sir Paul going to […]

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Rumor Mill: Blur to release new single for Record Store Day

April 9th, 2010

My wallet is certainly happy that I have a conflict with attending Record Store Day on April 17th, but now that a new Blur single might be in the mix I could be in trouble. Granted, the source is The Sun, so take this with the appropriate amount of salt, but Blur has reportedly regrouped […]

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Velvet Underground hang out at NY Public Library

December 12th, 2009

The three members of the influential 1960s rock band talked about their association with pop artist Andy Warhol in a program called “The Art and Soul of the Velvet Underground.” John Cale, who played bass and viola with the band, was not present at the Tuesday evening reunion. (via @stereogab)

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Beck swoops in and finishes the fight

November 20th, 2009

My favorite piece of news in the past week is Beck’s musical response to that clueless buffoon from The Fiery Furnaces, who tried to insult Radiohead, blog-style, but missed the point completely. And in attempting to cover his ass retroactively, took a swipe at Beck. Well, Radiohead, in their lofty chairs of utter superiority, ignored […]

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