Live Nation is betting on Madonna

Posted October 11th, 2007 by eric

Of course, Madonna will leave Warner Bros. for Live Nation, unless Bugs Bunny counters and equals the offer, which is highly unlikely. The non-label, ticket peddling firm is offering the world’s number one homosexual icon (ok, maybe next to Bette, Babs and Beyonce) $120 million for a ten-year, three-record deal that also culls some of her touring profits. If Warner Bros. has an ounce of business sense, it will bid Madonna adieu, respectfully, and rest peacefully with the millions upon millions she’s already made for them. The future doesn’t look so bright, musically. Does Live Nation honestly think Madonna’s best years are in front of her? Did anyone there listen to “Die Another Day?” I can understand wanting to lay claim to a piece of her touring grosses. The woman can still draw insane crowds and even put on an amusing show. But make good records? Eh, not so much anymore.

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